Kenny Rogers Named Artist-In-Residence at Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

Kenny Rogers has been selected as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s 2012 Artist-in-Residence. He will present two intimate evening performances at the Museum’s Ford Theater on May 9 & 10 showcasing his catalog of hits and the stories behind them. Established in 2003, the Museum’s residence program honors an artist who has [...] Read More

GAC Album Review: Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee

If you’re a younger fan of country music, let’s say under the age of 35, then chances are the superstar guests on Tuskegee, Lionel Richie’s new collection of duets in stores March 27, might be a bit more familiar than the man who rocked “Dancing On The Ceiling” in 1986. However, in a twist not [...] Read More

Lionel Richie Thanks His Mentor, Kenny Rogers

As Lionel Richie prepares to release his latest project, Tuskegee, a collaborative album with some of country music’s biggest stars, he will be taking the stage to perform with some of those artists. Kenny Rogers is one of those who will be alongside him, but he is more than just a duet partner to Lionel. [...] Read More

Billy Currington Keeps ‘Em Guessing

If there’s one word that applies to Billy Currington’s recording career, it might well be unpredictable. He’s done blue-eyed soul with “Don’t,” kickin’ country with “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and lazy little grooves with “People Are Crazy” and “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer.” The thing is, Billy’s made it a point to shift stylistic gears within each of his albums. It’s why he titled his last project A Little Bit Of Everything, and he’s keeping the same approach with his next release, Enjoy Yourself. Read More