Dierks Bentley Wraps Jagermeister Tour, Reveals Pre-Show Ritual

Dierks Bentley recently wrapped up the Jagermeister Country Tour, hitting 28 cities and drawing over 50,000 fans. Over 3,000 fans alone came out to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino show in Las Vegas in April. Aside from loud music and high energy shows, there were also reports on the prank war between Dierks and opening [...] Read More

Dierks Bentley’s Miles & Music for Kids Raises Over $143,000

Dierks Bentley photo courtesy of The Green Room PR. Dierks Bentley spent Sunday on a motorcycle in Columbus, Ohio, raising over $143,000 for Columbus’ Nationwide Children’s Hospital during his Miles & Music for Kids charity bike ride. One thousand bikers stretched eight miles behind Dierks as he led them towards the LC Pavilion, where an [...] Read More

Dierks Bentley Retaliates In Prank War

Miss Willie Brown fired the first shot in what has become all-out prank warfare, and now Dierks Bentley has retaliated – with the promise of more to come. After returning from a paint ball outing to find his Jeep wrapped in plastic and exclaiming “They’re so screwed,” Dierks and ‘Team Dude’ went to work on [...] Read More

Miss Willie Brown Opens Prank War on Dierks Bentley Tour

It’s war on the Jagermeister Country Tour featuring Dierks Bentley and new duo Miss Willie Brown. Who fired the first shot? Dierks’ opening act! Kasey Buckley and Amanda Watkins, a.k.a. Miss Willie Brown, enlisted the help of their band in giving Dierks’ beloved CJ-7 Jeep a plastic wrap makeover [watch the video below]. Unconfirmed reports say that [...] Read More

Dierks Bentley Planning Spring Tour, New Music

Dierks Bentley is hitting the road this spring on a 30 city tour sponsored by Jägermeister and bringing Josh Thompson and new duo Miss Willie Brown along with him. Each stop on the tour will also feature a local Jägermeister-sponsored country act to open the show. Dierks is excited to hit the road, especially when [...] Read More