GAC Album Review: Tim McGraw’s Two Lanes of Freedom

Where you wanna go? Tim McGraw asks with an urgent roll on the epic title-track of his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom. And judging by the song’s dramatic arrangement full of cascading harmonies, thundering percussion and exotic hint of didgeridoo, it seems as if Tim might really be asking himself that question as he [...] Read More

Tim McGraw Opens Up About Former Label in Billboard Cover Story

The last couple of years have been a series of highs and lows professionally for Tim McGraw. A legal battle with his former label home, Curb Records, is still playing out in court while Tim has moved forward, signing with Big Machine Records and preparing to release a new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, on [...] Read More

Tim McGraw Reveals Details About New Album

Tim McGraw is revealing more details about his upcoming album, Two Lanes of Freedom, which will be released Feb. 5, 2013. “I feel like I’ve progressed in my work, and I’ve always strived to get better,” says Tim. “On my last album, I was discovering some new sounds and new things that I wanted to do, [...] Read More

Watch Tim McGraw Film His New Music Video LIVE

Have you ever wanted a front row seat to the making of a music video? Tim McGraw is giving fans the chance to do just that, right from the comfort of their own home, by offering a live feed via Ustream of the filming of his new video, “One Of Those Nights.” Tim will chat [...] Read More

Watch Tim McGraw’s Lyric Video for “One of Those Nights”

Tim McGraw hosted an exclusive party in downtown Nashville the night before the CMA Awards where he treated a few hundred guests to a performance featuring songs from his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, out February 5. The night included a performance by The Mavericks and an appearance by R&B star Ne-Yo. The party [...] Read More