2010 Rewind: No. 11 — Country Celebs Faked Out On Twitter

Brad Paisley poked fun at reality-TV stars in his hit “Celebrity” and used “Online” to make fun of a guy who posed as a studly, all-American guy, masking the nerd that he really was. In 2010, the themes of those two songs collided weirdly in the latest Internet phenomenon: the Twitter fake star. Plenty of people assumed deliberately phony names — Not Kenny Chesney, Drunk Swifty, Rascal Fats, Bobblehead Brad — and used their online mask as a shield while they poked fun at the stars and the music business in general. One of those fakes put down Jimmy Wayne’s cross-country charity walk from Phoenix to Nashville, and Jimmy got hopping mad about it. Then Jimmy started looking at the faux versions of the stars a little more closely and changed his tune a bit. Read More

Brad Paisley Reveals “Hits” Tracks

The countdown is on for Brad Paisley. It’s 21 days until he co-hosts the 44th annual Country Music Association Awards. And it’s 12 days until the release of his two-disc Hits Alive album. The track list was unveiled Tuesday, and it includes 25 performances total — 21 different songs, some of them appearing in both studio and in-concert versions. And “Online” appears twice; it’s at the close of the studio disc and an “Online” reprise is the finale of the live disc. Read More

Taylor Swift Inducted Into International Bowling Hall of Fame?

Taylor Swift is best known for her songwriting and her singing, but that’s not what has propelled her into a hall of fame. Taylor has been added to the International Bowling Hall of Fame in a popularity vote that had her competing against pop singer Justin Bieber, sports star Dwight Howard and comedian Bill Murray, among others. Jim “Moose” Brown, a songwriter known for “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” is also getting a place in the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame, and Buck Owens has been permanently installed in a sidewalk hall, the Bakersfield Walk of Stars. Here’s a hall of fame update: Read More