Jerrod Niemann’s “Lover, Lover” Hits No. 1

When Jerrod Niemann went over and over the vocal parts for “Lover, Lover” — literally singing all eight or nine harmony lines himself — he had no idea what the song’s future held. At the time, Jerrod was an unsigned singer-songwriter who had decided to put some of his friends to work and build an album that may, or may not, find a label home. Not only did it eventually land somewhere, the single rose all the way to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Songs chart this week. It hit that spot as Jerrod is observing a personal anniversary. Read More

Jaron & The Long Road To Love: So What If I Was Pop?

One of the songs that’s truly generated a response among country fans in 2010 is “Pray For You” by Jaron And The Long Road To Love, which sounds like a band but really is just a solo artist: Jaron Lowenstein. Part of Jaron’s history is membership in a duo, Evan & Jaron, that made waves in pop about 10 years ago. So “Pray For You” makes him just the latest in a line of artists who’ve made the shift from pop and rock into country. He’s happy to be in the new genre, but if you’re upset with him because you think traditional country is getting short shrift these days, well, Jaron maintains he’s not responsible. Read More

Jaron And The Long Road “Dressed” Up And Ready To Go

Jaron And The Long Road To Love. Yeah, you’ve heard the single, “Pray For You.” As of Tuesday, you can now own an entire album, Getting Dressed In The Dark. The Long Road is not the name of a backing group. Instead, it’s a statement about Jaron Lowenstein’s struggles with romance. And struggle is definitely the word, based on “Pray For You,” in which a vengeful guy prays his ex encounters a whole series of gotcha events, including a head injury and a blowout on the interstate. When you first hear it, the song sounds kind of mean-spirited. But it also gets a laugh, which is pretty much the point. Read More

Jaron Travels the Long Road to GAC’s Top 20

When host Nan Kelley runs through this week’s edition of GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown, the list will include a new name, Jaron And The Long Road To Love, which represents an artist who’s as stunned as anyone to be on the countdown. Jaron Lowenstein established himself as one-half of the pop duo Evan & Jaron, which picked up a Top 20 hit in 2000 with “Crazy For That Girl.” Jaron’s twin brother, Evan, has moved down another career path, but Jaron continued pursuing life as a solo act. He was completely surprised when “Pray For You,” an acerbic kiss-off song, became an instant hit with fans. Read More