GAC Album Review: Travis Tritt’s The Calm After…

Travis Tritt’s new record The Calm After… is an updated re-release of his 2007 project The Storm. You see, Travis was recently granted the rights to the 2007 album after finally resolving a tumultuous legal battle with the record label he was on at the time of its release. The now-defunct label closed shortly after [...] Read More

Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson Top Billboard’s Top 100 Songs by Idols

American Idol has churned out a number of country stars, none more well-known that Carrie Underwood — in addition to pop star Kelly Clarkson, who has dabbled in country music in recent months. As American Idol Season 12 moves into the first live shows, Billboard has released its ranking of the Top 100 songs by [...] Read More

Keith Urban: Former Reality Show Contestant-Turned-Judge

Keith Urban is in the judge’s chair on American Idol these days, but before he was a household name he took a turn as a contestant. As a young, talented musician in Australia, Keith made a go at not one but three different talent shows. “The first one was when I was nine,” Keith said. [...] Read More

Keith Urban Calls American Idol Judges “Passionate”

Keith Urban has chosen to be Switzerland – as in neutral – when it comes to the now-infamous feuding and disagreements between fellow American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Footage of the pair arguing, with Keith squarely in the middle, went viral, just as the auditions began. According to Keith, much of the [...] Read More

Keith Urban Confirms His New Role as American Idol Judge

It’s official – Keith Urban is joining American Idol. After media outlet The Country Vibe reported Keith had said yes back in August, Keith himself has now confirmed he’ll be on the upcoming 12th season. He (along with Nicki Minaj) joins previously announced new judge Mariah Carey and Idol staple Randy Jackson in the judges’ [...] Read More