Charlie Daniels Recovering from Pacemaker Surgery & Pneumonia

GAC sends get well wishes to Charlie Daniels, who is recovering from having a pacemaker implanted on March 28 at a Nashville-area hospital. During a visit to his doctor on March 25, Charlie was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia and admitted to the hospital for routine tests which revealed he needed a pacemaker [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Now Selling Big

Taylor Swift released her latest album on Monday. And you probably know that, because she’s seemingly been on every television show and in every newspaper and magazine talking about Speak Now or singing songs from the project. All that work is apparently paying off. Billboard is predicting the first-week numbers for the album could possibly go as high as 1 million copies. Right now, the magazine says music-business insiders are expecting it to sell in the neighborhood of 800,000-900,000 copies, which would make it the best start for any release in any genre this year. Eminem’s Recovery album has the best first-week numbers thus far in 2010 after selling 741,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, when it was first released. All of that talk puts Taylor in an awkward position. She’s a 20-year-old recording artist. Her focus is — and should be — creating music, not selling it. But the industry’s been in a big slump for years, and since she’s one of its biggest stars, there’s a lot of pressure being directed at her. Read More