Taylor Swift Enjoys Japanese on Her Day Off

Taylor Swift’s day job as an international superstar is pretty cool, but it requires a lot of work. She is constantly writing, touring, managing her many corporate partnerships, her perfume line and working on her next project. When she does get time to relax, there are a few go-to things she enjoys. “I really like [...] Read More

Taylor Swift’s Laid-Back Travel Companion

Taylor Swift spends a lot of time away from home playing her music and meetings fans around the world. When she’s in the United States, she has at least one stress-free travel buddy to keep her company. Her Scottish Fold cat, Meredith, is always ready to hit the road with her famous owner. See more [...] Read More

Why Taylor Swift “Put The Guitar Down”

Taylor Swift spent about two years writing dozens and dozens of songs for her RED album. At one point, her label thought she had enough material to release an album, but Taylor wasn’t done writing. In fact, she couldn’t stop. Watch Taylor Swift’s “22″ video >> “I wrote for two years and I wrote until [...] Read More

Taylor Swift on the Movie Role She’d Have to Play

Taylor Swift is no stranger to acting. She recently appeared on the season finale of FOX’s New Girl and has taken on characters in movies and on television in the past. But these days, it would take a lot to make her step away from music. “I would love to do a movie that I [...] Read More

Worlds Collide in Florida Georgia Line’s New Video Featuring Nelly

Worlds collide in Florida Georgia Line’s new video for the remix of their hit song “Cruise” featuring rap artist Nelly. Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the video features a full cast of fast cars and beautiful women. And of course, a brand new Chevy with a lift kit. Florida Georgia Line is currently a special guest [...] Read More