Taylor Swift’s Parents Influenced Her Diverse Musical Taste

Taylor Swift has experimented with a lot of different musical styles on her albums. Much of that experimentation has been influenced by the music her parents listened to when she was a child. “There was so much music in the house and music of all different kinds,” Taylor said. “That’s why melodically, I tend to [...] Read More

Taylor Swift: Novelist

Taylor Swift is an award-winning songwriter these days, but she also loves to write poetry and other types of work. In fact, when she was 13 and on vacation with her parents in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, she decided she wanted to write a book. “All my friends were back in Pennsylvania and so I [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Gives Fans Insight on Deluxe Red Album

Fans who have listened to the deluxe version of Taylor Swift’s Red album have heard alternate versions of some songs found on the standard version of the album. Taylor did that in an effort to give fans insight about some of the songs. “I wanted people to hear where the songs start,” she said. “The [...] Read More

Taylor Swift’s Albums Represent Life Chapters

Taylor Swift has started work on her next album. Like the rest of her catalog, the new album will ultimately represent the next chapter in her life. Fearless, her follow up to her self-titled debut album, was all about finding herself. “Fearless represents the breakthrough and all the discovery of, ‘Wow. There’s a big, wide world [...] Read More

Taylor Swift’s Lips Are Sealed

Taylor Swift has never confirmed who any of her songs are written about. It turns out, she’s not only trying to maintain a level of privacy, she’s also leaving it up to her fans to interpret her lyrics for themselves. “That’s something that I love keeping to myself, never really revealing who exactly these songs [...] Read More