Taylor Swift’s “Red” Defined Her Entire Album

Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Red,” is not only her most recent album’s title track, it’s all the cornerstone for the entire Red album. The color itself served as inspiration as she penned songs for the project, many of which are about various emotions associated with love and relationships. “It was a song about kinda correlating [...] Read More

Taylor Swift’s Two-Year Writing Process

Taylor Swift just released her new single, “Red,” which also happens to be the title track of her latest album. The album took two years to make, but a number of people thought Taylor was done with it after just one. “The first year was me writing and getting my thoughts together and going into [...] Read More

Taylor Swift’s Laid-Back Travel Companion

Taylor Swift spends a lot of time away from home playing her music and meetings fans around the world. When she’s in the United States, she has at least one stress-free travel buddy to keep her company. Her Scottish Fold cat, Meredith, is always ready to hit the road with her famous owner. See more [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Reveals Her Songwriting Pattern

Taylor Swift’s Red album has only been out for seven months, but she’s already begun writing for her next album. Taylor tends to release a new project every two years and has noticed a pattern in how she writes for an album. “I like to write for about two years before I’m finished with an [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Twirls with the Rolling Stones

Taylor Swift has performed with musical artists across a variety of genres, often bringing special guests onstage during her live shows. She recently got to play the role of “special guest” when she joined The Rolling Stones at their Chicago show to perform “As Tears Go By” earlier this month. She’s always regarded them as [...] Read More