Eli Young Band Isn’t Superstitious

Many artists have rituals or superstitions they must do before hitting the stage. But the Eli Young Band doesn’t reach for a certain drink, listen to a favorite song or recite a chant. Their pre-show tradition is simple. “I think the most important thing for us is we try to gather as the four of [...] Read More

Watch Eli Young Band’s Sci-Fi “Say Goodnight” Video

Eli Young Band’s new single, “Say Goodnight,” is a rather serious song about falling in love. But the song’s video is anything but serious. In fact, it is country music’s first sci-fi video, complete with robots and outer space. The video begins when a young woman hits a robot walking down the road with her [...] Read More

Eli Young Band Has Plenty of Material for New Album

Eli Young Band’s latest album has produced back-to-back No. 1s and even as their latest single, “Say Goodnight,” climbs the charts, the group is turning their attention to their next album. They’ll head to the studio in December or January. “We were actually going through all the tunes that we’ve been writing the last year [...] Read More

Eli Young Band Is Slowing Down – But Not Stopping

After more than a decade of non-stop hard work to reach the levels of success they’re seeing now, Eli Young Band is slowing down. But they’re not stopping by any means. “We feel as if we worked hard to open some doors and this isn’t the time to not walk through them,” Mike Eli said. [...] Read More