Taylor Swift’s Friends Keep Her Grounded

Much of Taylor Swift’s life is lived in the spotlight, whether she’s performing onstage or going grocery shopping. With the constant attention she receives, she relies on a close-knit group of friends to keep her grounded. To her friends, she’s “just Taylor.” “My friends don’t treat me like anything different than who I am, which [...] Read More

Taylor Swift Inducted Into International Bowling Hall of Fame?

Taylor Swift is best known for her songwriting and her singing, but that’s not what has propelled her into a hall of fame. Taylor has been added to the International Bowling Hall of Fame in a popularity vote that had her competing against pop singer Justin Bieber, sports star Dwight Howard and comedian Bill Murray, among others. Jim “Moose” Brown, a songwriter known for “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” is also getting a place in the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame, and Buck Owens has been permanently installed in a sidewalk hall, the Bakersfield Walk of Stars. Here’s a hall of fame update: Read More