Tim McGraw on What Fans Can Expect at Soul2Soul Shows

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will return to the Venetian in Las Vegas for 10 more weekends of their Soul2Soul shows beginning October 25-26 and running through April. Fans who may have caught their show the first time can expect a slightly different set from the couple this go ’round. See photos from Tim & [...] Read More

Tim McGraw on His Plans to Record with Wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will soon return to Las Vegas for ten more weekends of their Soul2Soul show at the Venetian. Since they’re performing together, it’s only natural that fans are wondering if the power couple will ever get around to recording an album together. See photos from Tim & Faith’s Soul2Soul show >> [...] Read More

Tim McGraw Offers Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Touring Advice

Miranda Lambert has said she and Blake Shelton will tour together down the road, but want to wait until they can do it right. According to Miranda, she and Blake have big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Lucky for them, Tim has some words of wisdom for [...] Read More

Tim McGraw & Justin Moore on Getting Valentine’s Day Right

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 16 years, which makes for a lot of Valentine’s Days. Tim usually gets the day right but he admits that ‘sometimes are better than others.’ Tim is GAC’s February Artist of the Month. Click HERE to see our new interviews with him, read our review of [...] Read More