Lowcountry taxpayers foot the bill for city parties

Government workers in the Low country did some holiday partying on the taxpayers’ dime. The City of Charleston spent more than $10,000 on various holiday parties, Dorchester County spent more than $7,000 while the City of North Charleston spent $1,700 in taxpayer money. Lawmakers like Mayor Keith Summey defended the spending, calling it a gesture […] Read More

$1B research ‘ghost town’ in NM to be based on Rock Hill

It sounds like a few pages torn from the script of the 1998 Jim Carey Film “The Truman Show,” but in just a few short years, a global research firm will cut the ribbon on a $1 Billion, 15-square mile ghost town. And it’s all based on the city of Rock Hill. Washington, D.C.-based Pegasus [...] Read More

Haley ridiculed for accounts in new memoir

South Carolina Governor Haley is feeling some serious heat over her new memoir “Can’t Is Not An Option.” The State newspaper reports says it talked to a half-dozen South Carolina politicians, even from the Governor’s own party, who contend her book is full of mistruths. Naturally, Haley’s spokespeople say the Governor fully stands by her [...] Read More

Two SC courthouses could be closed this summer

Two federal courthouses in South Carolina could soon be permanently closed. In an effort to cut costs, the federal government is looking to shut down dozens of small, rural courthouses in 29 states. According to the Associated Press– which was able to get a copy of a government memo– two of those are in South [...] Read More

Could Ken Ard’s days, or hours, be numbered?

More than a year after news of ethics charges surrounding the campaign finance practices of Lt. Governor Ken Ard arose, some political experts say it could be as early as today that Ard resigns from his post as the state’s number-two constitutional officer. Winthrop University political science professor Scott Huffmon. But Huffmon says that Ard’s [...] Read More