Zac Brown Band Grinds Through the Tough Years

The Zac Brown Band has had five hits in the last two years, and the group has become so big so quickly that it’s hard to remember the members were all struggling musicians through most of their time together. Genuinely successful people believe in themselves, and they often lay it on the line when things look their most bleak. That’s certainly the case for Zac and crew, who played for years in the Atlanta area before they broke through nationally. They did all right on their home turf, but when they ventured into new territory in a converted airport shuttle bus, it cost money to get there, and they often lost money in the process. Read More

Little Big Town, Randy Rogers Banded Together at Nos. 1 & 2

To purposely misquote a Paul McCartney classic, bands are on the run in country music — straight to the top of the charts. Little Big Town’s new album The Reason Why, bolts out of the chute to No. 1 on this week’s Billboard Country Albums chart, and it’s followed by the Randy Rogers Band’s Burning The Day, checking in at No. 2. In fact, groups occupy four of the Top 5 slots on the chart. Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now checks in at No. 4, and the the Zac Brown Band hanging in at No. 5 with the double-platinum project The Foundation. The only thing blocking bands from a Top 5 sweep is the Trace Adkins album Cowboy’s Back In Town. Most fans probably don’t think much about it, but being in a band is completely different from working as a solo artist. There are more expenses, more opinions and more egos involved, so decisions require more communication and more time. As a reward for all that extra work, there’s less potential income — the band members have to split up the proceeds in the end. Read More

With Zac Brown Band “You Get” Alan Jackson

When the Zac Brown Band serves up its next album, You Get What You Give, Sept. 21, it will feature several bonus appearances. Jimmy Buffett and ace bluegrass guitarist Tony Rice both show up, as does Alan Jackson, who sings on “As She’s Walking Away,” which was released as a single earlier this week. Alan contributed, in part, because he and the band have a similar connection: Keith Stegall produces both acts, and that made it a little easier to line everything up. It makes for a unique collaboration — Alan is decidedly traditional country, while the Zac Brown Band has one foot in country and the other in a sort of jam-band philosophy. Read More

Zac Brown Band Spreads Out; Offers “Eat & Greet”

From its live version of Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” to its island-flavored single “Toes,” the Zac Brown Band has shown itself to be a musically flexible act. Just how flexible? Enough that it’s landed four country hits off its 2008 album The Foundation but also opened for the Dave Matthews Band at a pair of stadium gigs over the weekend in New York City. And it sounds as if Zac and crew will demonstrate even greater flexibility with the next release, You Get What You Give. Read More

Zac Brown Band Builds On Its “Foundation”

Now that the Zac Brown Band has won a Grammy for Best New Artist and picked up a double-platinum album for The Foundation, it’s an understatement to say that the next release will earn a lot of attention. It’s unlikely that fans will have to wait beyond the end of 2010 to hear it. Read More