Blackwell, Williams spar over campaign funding sources, museums

Sparks flew Monday night as the two Republican candidates for York County Council’s District 6 seat stood before hundreds of voters at the lone debate leading up to the June 12th primary. Incumbent Britt Blackwell sparred with challenger Gary Williams over Williams’ support of former Congressman John Spratt and Blackwell’s alleged efforts to break up [...] Read More

State Representative says SC is ready for the first-in-the-South Primary

As the general assembly heads back to Columbia today, it looks like the fallout from a supreme court decision requiring the state to pay for Saturday’s primary won’t be as severe as initially tought. Rock Hill Representative Gary Simrill says a committee is set to meet this week to discuss the funding for the primary, [...] Read More

Local GOP Leader calls for additional state funding for SC Primary

York County Republican Party Chairman Glenn McCall says he hopes state lawmakers allocate the additional 830-thousand dollars needed to help pay for the January 21st South Carolina GOP presidential primary. Glenn McCall The General Assembly returns to Columbia January 10th. McCall says there are tens of millions of dollars in economic impact for South Carolina [...] Read More