Little Big Town, Randy Rogers Banded Together at Nos. 1 & 2

To purposely misquote a Paul McCartney classic, bands are on the run in country music — straight to the top of the charts. Little Big Town’s new album The Reason Why, bolts out of the chute to No. 1 on this week’s Billboard Country Albums chart, and it’s followed by the Randy Rogers Band’s Burning The Day, checking in at No. 2. In fact, groups occupy four of the Top 5 slots on the chart. Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now checks in at No. 4, and the the Zac Brown Band hanging in at No. 5 with the double-platinum project The Foundation. The only thing blocking bands from a Top 5 sweep is the Trace Adkins album Cowboy’s Back In Town. Most fans probably don’t think much about it, but being in a band is completely different from working as a solo artist. There are more expenses, more opinions and more egos involved, so decisions require more communication and more time. As a reward for all that extra work, there’s less potential income — the band members have to split up the proceeds in the end. Read More

Little Big Town’s Big News

Somewhere in this country, there’s a good chance that the members of Little Big Town are celebrating today’s release of their new CD, The Reason Why. It already boasts the hit single, “Little White Church,” and has been hailed by critics as an album of the year contender. The group – Karen Fairchild, Phillip Sweet, Kimberly Schlapman [...] Read More

Little Big Town Visits Top 20

Little Big Town releases its new album, The Reason Why, on Tuesday, and this weekend, the band talks about it with host Nan Kelley on GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown. The album comes at a great time for LBT. The first single, “Little White Church,” is in the Top 10 on the countdown, and two of the group’s members — Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild — had a chance to adjust to parenthood while they took some downtime from the road to record the album. Read More

Get the Story Behind Little Big Town on GAC

They’ve endured divorce, the death of a spouse and the uncertainties of the music business — and all the while, Little Big Town kept making unforgettable music. For members Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet, bonds of friendship and a shared love of music have kept them together for more than a dozen [...] Read More