Toby Keith Turns to Technology

If you look at the credits on Toby Keith’s albums, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to figure out that he writes most of his own material — and that he’s pretty prolific. As it turns out, Toby’s writing even more songs now than ever. It’s not that he gets more ideas than he used to. He’s simply figured out a better way to manage them. Read More

Oops! Toby Keith Turns an Error Into a Hit

Sometimes those licky trittle words don’t come out rite quight. If you’re Toby Keith, misspeaking can mean money! Toby has a hit on his hands with “Trailerhood,” which is currently in the Top 10 on GAC’s Top 20 Country Countdown. It’s got a load of references to pink flamingos, poker games, beer and football on TV, but it’s a song that Toby pretty much stumbled upon. To be more specific, he tripped over his own tongue, and he was smart enough to figure out his flub could be fab. Read More