Watch Willie Nelson’s New Video, “A Horse Called Music”

Willie Nelson pays tribute to his past in his new video, “A Horse Called Music.” Featuring Merle Haggard and Merle’s son Lukas on vocals, Willie rides through Luck, Texas, a small town set he had built for his movie Red Headed Stranger. “A Horse Called Music” was originally recorded by Willie for his 1989 album [...] Read More

Roy Rogers’ Stuffed Horse Nets $266,500!

A horse that’s been dead for nearly 45 years sold for more than $250,000 this week in an auction of items and memorabilia connected to a singing cowboy and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Trigger, the trusty steed that Roy Rogers rode during his storied, silver-screen career, died in 1965 at age 33, and Roy subsequently had the horse stuffed and mounted. Trigger was kept on display for years at the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum in Southern California and later in Branson, Mo. But the museum is being dismantled, and Roy Rogers Jr. put much of the remains up for sale in New York. Trigger brought in $266,500, the Associated Press reported. The winning bid came from RFD-TV, a rural-themed cable network. Read More