Garth Brooks’ Powerhouse Concert Kick-Off

For large portions of the 100 minutes he spent on stage, Garth Brooks stood at the edge of the flooring at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena Thursday with the toes of his boots literally hanging over the edge as front-row fans clutched at his cuffs. It was a major show of trust — and of self-control — that Garth never wavered, never lost track of the lyrics or the chords while those strangers nabbed at just a touch of the superstar’s leg. But that also made the encore of his set particularly surprising. Garth came barrelling up from a spot beneath the flooring and tripped at the top step, tumbling into view. The timing was amusing — his pratfall came during the ironically titled “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up).” Read More

Garth Brooks’ “Prayers” Mixes Media

During this week in 1990, Garth Brooks had a pretty impressive run going on the national country charts with two songs in the Top 20 at the same time. “Friends In Low Places” was at No. 17 in Billboard on its way down after peaking at No. 1, and “Unanswered Prayers” bolted to No. 8 after just eight weeks on the chart. Two decades later, Garth still remembers one of the lessons he drew from those two songs, which cast ex-romances in very different atmospheres. “Low Places” is a drunken intrusion into the wedding reception of an ex-girlfriend, while “Prayers” is a thoughtful note of thanks that an old flame flickered out. “Low Places” is still an iconic song for country fans, and it was a pretty smart move to not follow it up with something that had the same sort of party spirit. Read More

Garth Brooks: How The “Thunder” Rolled Out

Some 20 years ago, Garth Brooks had the No. 1 country album in the nation with No Fences, which would go on to sell 17 million copies and win Album of the Year from both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. The opening song on that CD was “The Thunder Rolls,” which Garth performed Sunday for a select crowd of music-industry insiders when his co-writer, Pat Alger, was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. “I can’t imagine my career without this song,” Garth said. Then he looked directly at Pat’s table and added, “I can’t imagine my career without you, Pat.” Even harder to imagine is the actual writing session for “The Thunder Rolls.” When “the lightning flashes in her eyes” in the song’s lyrics, it could well be a reflection of Pat’s pent-up anger the day they composed it because — to hear Garth tell it — he’s not an easy guy to work with. Read More

Garth Brooks Aids Songwriter Hall Celebration

The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame added four new people to its rolls Sunday night. They’re four people whose names are more likely to be in parentheses in an album’s liner notes than on a marquee. But without writers such as Paul Davis, Pat Alger, Steve Cropper and Stephen Foster to come up with the words and the melodies, many of the folks with a microphone in their hands would have nothing to sing. And the artists know it. That’s why Tanya Tucker, Jimmy Wayne, T. Graham Brown and Garth Brooks were among the acts who took part in Sunday’s induction ceremony at the Nashville Renaissance Hotel. Read More