What’s up? Gas prices

This time last year gas prices were on average 20 cents a gallon cheaper in South Carolina. A look at the gas pump and a check on the website southcarolinagasprices.com shows that the average retail gasoline prices in South Carolina have risen 3.8 cents per gallon in the past week to an average of $2.68. The [...] [...] Read More

Suspect in Waring case gives testimony

One of the suspects in the Kate Waring murder trial gave her testimony today in court. Heather Kamp led investigators to the remains of Kate Waring’s lifeless body on October of 2009. Since then, Kamp has pleaded guilty of manslaughter and other charges–and now, she has given her testimony as to what happened. Kamp told [...] [...] Read More

Orangeburg sheriff remembered

Over the weekend, family and friends paid their respects at a viewing for Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams who died last week from an undisclosed illness. An Orangeburg woman remembered Sheriff Williams: “Larry’s going to be really missed,” she says, “During the time I lost my husband, he was murdered, and right after that happened, [...] [...] Read More

DeMint’s forecast: Earthquake coming November 2

When it comes to the future of the Republican Party, Senator Jim DeMint says it depends on voter’s and other lawmaker’s support in Tea Party candidates and issues. The senator threw his support behind Delaware Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell, a Tea Party activist who in the running for Vice President Joe Biden’s vacant senate seat. [...] [...] Read More