Rascal Flatts Ends the “Wait”

A lot of mystery surrounded the upcoming album by Rascal Flatts. The band’s record label closed up shop and left the guys as free agents, and that forced them to wait while negotiations went on to find a new home. That new label has since been determined, of course. It’s Big Machine, which already represents Taylor Swift. But one thing that was never a mystery during the whole process was “Why Wait.” The band discovered the song while weeding through compilations of demos submitted by songwriters, and its bright melody and chugging tempo stood out. Read More

Rascal Flatts’ New Reason to Smile

You may have noticed that in most of Rascal Flatts‘ publicity photos, they’re stone-faced. No smiles. Not even a grin. But now that the group has signed a new record deal with Big Machine Records (home of Taylor Swift), they’re showing their pearly whites like nobody’s business (see photo above). “Bam!” said the group’s Jay DeMarcus, pointing [...] Read More

Rascal Flatts Signs With Big Machine Records

Rascal Flatts picked Taylor Swift to open for them in 2008 — now they’ve picked her label, Big Machine Records, as their new musical home. “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Big Machine Records!” says Jay DeMarcus, bassist and background vocalist for Rascal Flatts. “We believe that Scott Borchetta and all of the folks [...] Read More